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    The first hypnotic session gives you an opportunity to learn a little bit about what hypnosis is, and how our procedures look like. You probably get the idea that hypnosis is a little unusual. Hypnosis is a little like sleepwalking, because the person is not quite awake, but can still do many of the things that people do when they are awake. Hypnosis is relaxation and calmness. 

    Hypnosis helps you to solve various problems (psycho-somatic problems - i.e. physical problems caused by stress, anxiety, fobias).


    Jana Zouharová, Ph.D. - Psychologist, The Solution Focused Therapist and Hypnotherapist


    2500,- Kč/session (50 min.) - including VAT


    Psychotherapy session

    Psychotherapy  is the use of psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal interaction, to help a person change and overcome problems in desired ways. Our psychotherapists use solution focused approach or TA.


    Břetislav Kantor, M.A., Systemic Coach (Solution focuc approach) and Therapist (Transformational systemic therapy)


    Petra Klapuchová, M.A., The Solution Focused Coach. She coaches in English, French and Spanish.


    1500,- Kč/session (50 min.) - including VAT


    Contact Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist

    Sylvie Navarová, M.A., PhDr., +420 605 214 849,

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